The penny dropped…

(1 min read) It’s Monday, school run time, running late – and a bit of idle chit-chat with the teaching assistant just closing the waist-high iron gate behind us and said:


‘Our biggest boy starts college this week. Can you believe it? Full time and he is only there two days a week. Full time?!’

I had to say something – ‘Oh but there is a lot he needs to do – it is a big leap to that sort of independence.’

‘Yeah, he’s terrified actually.’

The penny really dropped.

There is a definite way of being a learning being that is all encompassing, and certainly goes beyond the hour or two in the classroom. Thank heavens I have always dreamed. Leaping from a textbook to the sky is not at all easy – and cannot be assumed to be something intuitive or even something that seems possible for some people.

Beyond what you can dream has always been a sort of mantra for me, and I hope through Connected Courses there can be steps taken to help those who are terrified, or who never thought of learning that way – so that when they are asked to GO! and they feel like someone is pushing them off a cliff, that they can realise they have already grown wings.

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